The Case for Multiple Internships

Last month, WSJ had a really great article titled, “Internships Are Increasingly the Route to Winning a Job” and it is happening not only in investment banking or consulting. I am doing two internships this summer and I loved one and hated the other. You…

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2013 Credit Suisse MBA Military Boot Camp - Deadline May 17

Hey everyone, I went to this event last summer. It was absolutely instrumental in helping me understand the differences between investment banking, sales & trading, and private banking. This is a great program and Credit Suisse is one of the companies…

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2013 Beat The GMAT Scholarship: Deadline May 13, 2013!

The 8th Annual Beat The GMAT scholarship is now accepting applications.

Since 2006, Beat The GMAT has distributed more than $200,000 in scholarships and prizes to MBA applicants from all over the globe, including the U.S. and Canada, South America, Middle…

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Just ported my posts from WordPress


I just moved all of my posts from WordPress to tumblr, but the dates are wrong. I think if you want a more chronological taste of my blog, please visit the main site at

Starting today, all new posts will automatically be publicized here as well. Thanks!


What I learned from NYU Stern EEX Annual Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2012

You know you’ve been to a good conference when you leave with a giant headache, because too many neurons have been firing off in your brain. Listed below is the speakers and I’m going to write down some thoughts I learned from each speaker or panel.…

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Why I Withdrew My Offer from Ross

The bottom line is that Ross isn’t compatible with my top two post-MBA career choices, which I narrowed down to entrepreneurship and finance.

For entrepreneurship, I’ve had candid discussions with current students focusing on entrepreneurship and the…

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Junior Military Officer (JMO) Recruiting Companies

Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about JMO recruiting, I think it’s about time I shared my experiences working with Cameron Brooks.

The whole experience is a carefully scripted drama, they need you, you need them, they don’t want you to go to…

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The Acquisition and Use of Power (Updated)

Update: Robert Caro’s fourth book about Lyndon Johnson is finally out, I just received an Amazon saying that my pre-ordered book has shipped. You know it’s got to be a badass book when a former President of the United States of America writes a book…

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Don’t Try to Be Great

I recently read a fantastic op-ed at WSJ titled, “10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You,” and it was item # 10 that really reflected a theme that I’ve been trying to beat into the heads of transitioning junior military officers (JMOs) for a…

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J.P. Morgan MBA Early Advantage Application is Up (May 1 - June 1)

Click here for the website and here for the application.

From their site:


It’s never too soon to raise your career profile. This summer, we’re offering exceptional students who are about to start their MBA the opportunity to spend two eventful…

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